Upcoming Events for Teens

September 25, 2019

05:30pm to 06:30pm
This program is geared toward ages 10 and up. We'll be talking about how the well-known and loved graphic novel, Drama, has come up several times as a book to ban in the Library and/or schools. We're going to talk about why taking this book off the shelves would not decrease the number of readers.... Read more
Audience: Teens

October 09, 2019

05:00pm to 07:00pm
"Your Name" is a visually stunning film that follows two teenagers who suddenly start switching bodies. They soon fall in love and try to find each other even though they never met or even know each other's names. Have you read "Your Name" written by Makoto Shinkai? Well, this fascinating manga... Read more
Audience: Teens

December 04, 2019

04:00pm to 07:00pm
Bring your creativity to this relaxed and fun program where Ages 11-18 will have an opportunity to create a collective art piece that will be made into a collage to display in the Library. Show off your skills, we all have them! There will be many mediums provided by the Teen Librarian to choose... Read more
Audience: Teens