Project CHICK

Spring Break at the Library!

Welcome Spring with baby chicks that you can see and hold!

Experience Historic New England's Casey Farm's Project CHICK.
This hands-on program will show how chickens are raised at Casey Farm, what they eat, and what precautions are taken to protect them from predators. Learn about the life cycle of chickens and have a chance to hold and touch a variety of eggs (from hummingbird to ostrich). And, most importantly, pet and hold a Dominique chicken and chicks!

Biomes Marine Animals

Spring Break at the George Hail Library! The Biomes Marine Biology Center will be bringing a variety of sea animals to the library. Learn how they move and eat. Have a chance to touch and hold both local and exotic sea creatures.

Featured animals may include the sea star, brittle star, sea urchin, whelk, spider crab, horseshoe crab, quahog, lobster, killifish, and pufferfish.

Recommended for ages 5 through 12. Call the library to register at 401-245-7686 x2.


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