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Computer Policies

Rules and Procedures for use of the Public Computers

    Each person is limited to 60 minutes a day. 

    A session is 30 minutes for the regular Internet, 15 minutes for the Express and 60 minutes for Word processing or Jobs/Taxes. If you will need longer, please make arrangements with a Reference Librarian for scheduling a session.  

    The computer will give you a message when your time is almost over. Save or complete your work before then. If you need more time unexpectedly, immediately find a Reference Librarian.

    You will not be able to extend your time if someone else has reserved the time after you.

    Printing is 10 cents a page. There are 3 places to click okay before the print job is sent to the Release Print Job station. If you dont have the money, you can't release your print job.

    Pornographic sites are inappropriate. Using the internet for these purposes will result in the end of your session and revoking of internet privileges.